By Rob Laurence, Director, Innovate Identity.

I recently had the pleasure of chairing the Blockchain and Identity stream at the recent Cloud Identity Summit in New Orleans. From the sceptic to the evangelist, and all points in between, 5 presenters shared their opinions and experiences of Blockchain as a technology to deliver digital identities, as a platform and as a solution to specific functional requirements.

Timothy Ruff, Founder of Evernym, presented their approach to self-sovereign identity using Blockchain.

Armin Ebrahimi, Founder of ShoCard, demonstrated how Blockchain is being used behind their identity platform.

Steve Wilson, from Constellation Research, presented the case against Blockchain being a suitable technology for delivering identity schemes.

Leemon Baird, Founder of Swirlds, showed how one of Blockchain’s vital properties, Consensus, can be delivered in a far more efficient and robust manner using a Hashtag approach.

And, finally, Mance Harmon from Ping Identity, demonstrated how the Swirlds Hashtag approach to Consensus can be applied to meet the needs of Distributed Session Management.

We may have added to the debate, but I’m not sure if we’re anywhere closer to reaching consensus on the true value of Blockchain in identity solutions. Why not drop in and listen to these sessions and judge for yourself.