Across the world, countries are developing national digital identity schemes. Designs vary. Some are based on existing national identity cards as in Germany. Some originate from the banking sector and have been adopted by government, as in Norway and Denmark. And some, as in the UK, have been developed from scratch by governments.

Past attempts have not always been successful. Sometimes, it appears as if the digital identity scheme has been developed before any consideration has been given to how and where it may be used. As a consequence, uptake has been slow. Why would it not be?

But lessons have been learnt. In the UK, the government has led the way by designing digital services in such a way that users find it easier and preferable to use them over traditional channels. The digital identity scheme has been designed as a common capability to access these services, proving who you are with a consistent and acceptable level of assurance. One user ID, password and token to access any one of a number of central government services, with the vision of being able to use this in local government, health and the private sector in years to come. Happy days!

The States of Jersey has an eGovernment programme to improve customer service and make government more efficient and joined up. This requires, amongst a number of things, transforming the way services are designed and delivered. A digital identity scheme is part of this.

Starting from scratch is cost-prohibitive for an island of 100,000 residents. Adopting and adapting an existing scheme has to be the way forward.

States of Jersey commissioned an OIX Discovery Project to investigate whether the UK scheme could be adopted in Jersey to meet its requirements. The findings have now been published in a white paper.

Innovate Identity was delighted to be asked by OIX to coordinate this project and write the white paper. We provided project management services and subject matter expertise in the field of digital identity schemes. Want to find out more about what we can do? Send us an email today, we love a chat!