We were delighted to be invited to attend and speak at this years European Identity Conference by hosts KuppingerCole.

This was its 10th year, and the biggest yet, really demonstrating the growth and significance that identity is playing in our online world.

The focus for the conference was bringing together both enterprise IAM and consumer identity; showing that these worlds are merging, and identities are not silos, they are more fluid. We are all employees, consumers and citizens and our identity systems need to be able to deal with this, whilst managing risk, and creating compelling user experiences.

Not surprisingly Blockchain / shared ledger technology was also a hot topic, looking at everything from IoT to refugees. Our panel session was a lively one: What is the use case for shared ledger in identity?

The hype continues to grow about the role this technology can fill, but I think as that dies down and we demonstrable use cases we will start to see how these new technical deployments could offer options over existing models.

For us the key panel session was the proof of identity for refugees, with great speakers such as Mia Harbitz from World Bank, Kim Cameron from Microsoft and Pam Dingle from Ping Identity, with Taqanu Bank offering a solution to the problem.

This panel really did show that technology is only a small part of the challenges that we face in identity. We need to address the social, ethical, legal and commercial as well as the technical to really make identity ecosystems that work, particularly in these tough use cases.

It was interesting to hear Mia’s view that whilst in many countries we worry about privacy around identity, for these use cases not having an identity is the critical issue.

We can now see an identity industry forming, becoming an industry with standards, professional bodies and now even an identity association. This is summarised eloquently by good friend Ian Glazers keynote.

Thanks again to KuppingerCole for a great event, we’re looking forward to what next year will bring!