The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) will be holding an Identity, Law and Policy Workshop in Amsterdam on 24th March. Emma Lindley, MD Innovate Identity, will be on two panels; one about cross border interoperability discussing recent work that Innovate Identity has done in the private sector in the UK, and the other panel will be on the case study panel walking through work Innovate Identity has been been undertaking with the States of Jersey.

The first panel will discuss recent work undertaken in the private sector which was formulated to understand what the private sector needs for digital identity services are and what questions would arise when considering the potential development of sector-based and cross-sector approaches to identity assurance. Emma will also discuss the aspects of interoperability across sector, and the need for a cross sector trust framework.

The second panel discussion will be covering current and future OIX projects, specifically looking at how to align identity law and policy to projects. Emma will be discussing a recent project with the States of Jersey to develop an eGovernment programme to provide public services digitally to its citizens. The programme will be a major business-led transformation to implement an eGovernment Model led by technology. The States of Jersey has recognised how effective similar models have been in the UK, for example the Warwickshire County Council Blue Badge scheme.

To sign up for this event, please visit the OIX website.