The identity market is developing at a rapid pace and as with all emerging market sectors, collaboration is the key to ensure its success: which is why Innovate Identity and One World Identity have come together to bring you the top 100 most influential thought leaders in digital identity.

Innovate Identity have offered to support One World Identity with their knowledge around the movers and shakers in the identity market, so OWI can produce a single industry list. This leader list will be managed throughout 2017 and beyond by One World Identity.

Emma Lindley, Director at Innovate Identity, stated, “great minds think alike; when we realised both Innovate Identity and One World Identity were working towards the same goal, it made sense for us to support OWI with our knowledge in this area.”

Dasha Cherepennikova, Executive Director at One World Identity, noted, “we will be combining the work Innovate Identity have done with our own approach to compiling the 100 Top Leaders in Identity, and will be revealing our list in the new year. We’re looking forward to recognizing those in the industry who are working hard to improve digital identity.”

Dave Birch, who features in the top 100 stated, “it seems to me that identity is turning into more of a battleground. Governments, banks, the “internet giants,” retailers, and others all have a strategic interest in controlling or influencing the world of online identity.”