‘Twas the Night Before Christmas when all through the house,
only one creature was stirring and it wasn’t a mouse.

The children were sleepy and couldn’t be cuter,
But Mr Fraudster was smirking as he turned on his computer.
His aim was to use a stolen card,
He planned to hit some websites, it couldn’t be hard!

He fancied a 60 inch television screen,
And maybe some nice designer Versace jeans.
He filled his online shopping basket with Christmas things,
From laptops to handbags and diamond rings.

Then from out of the sky with a whistle and a shout,
It was Father Christmas, without a doubt!
He popped down the chimney with a bash and a thump.
And said to Mr Fraudster, “well aren’t you a chump!”

“Didn’t you know you can’t catch these ecommerce sites out,
They have identity verification in place, which has klout,
To stop silly fraudsters such as yourself,
They won’t allow your order and neither will the elf!”

Innovate Identity work hard throughout the year,
To make sure that all different types of companies are in the clear.
From merchants to government and payment providers,
Innovate Identity work to guide ‘em.

“So next time you try and scam a site,
Be aware they will put up quite a fight!”

“Now Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen,
Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen.
Let’s get Mr Fraudster into the sleigh,
And fly him to prison where he can stay!”

Merry Christmas to all our customers and valued contacts from everyone at Innovate Identity! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and best wishes for 2015!