Innovate Identity have been working with the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) during 2015 to discover the range of needs for digital identity services.

This is truly an unprecedented research project that will investigate private sector digital identity requirements across the UK with a view to how the UK identity market place could develop.

The recent white paper introduces the discovery project, and its aim to gather a wide range of views and opinions from different sectors and organisations; all of whom are operating in the digital identity space.

This includes retail, financial services, telecoms, the sharing economy, identity providers and online gambling to name a few of the sectors invited to take part in a series of workshops and to answer a questionnaire about their needs in identity.

The results and discussions from the workshops and detailed questionnaire will hope to gather an understanding of the identity market, and the questions that would arise when considering the potential development of sector-based and cross-sector approaches to identity assurance, and the concept of identity federation.

To be part of this innovative project, please email and they will send you through the details for the workshops and a link to the questionnaire.